Project Management

For construction management and general contracting services, choose Mike Berg Co. Property Company in Arkansas to round out your project.

Our Project & Construction Management Services

Your job site is our focus. We work with engineers, architects, contractors, designers, state and local departments, lenders and everyone in between.

Construction Planning

Whether the plan is in its earliest stages of brainstorming or deep into the bureaucracy of the planning department, Mike Berg Co. helps to plan your project from beginning to end. We manage the research, the budget and the contractors.

City, Zoning and Utilities

Every project has a long process through city planning to meet zoning codes, utility requirements, parking management, environmental standards and so much more. Allow us to assist you in working through the little details which often take the most time. 

Construction Budget

Planning, planning, planning and monitoring the budget are the core aspects of managing your construction site. We successfully manage your project with deep research– not only in the beginning phases but all the way through development. 

Site Development

Your project or construction site has many moving parts. Research, planning and budgeting are just the beginning. We also assist with architectural drawings, engineering, dirt work, water flow, roads, build out and we monitor sub contractors for quality and care down to the last trim piece.

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Our Services

Mike Berg and Company Specializes in Market Evaluation, Listings and Development in Arkansas. This includes but is not limited to Commercial and Residential Properties, Land Development Opportunities, Project Planning and Management, Alternative Power and More. Browse our listings or contact us to discuss your next project.


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Alternative Energy

Solar Energy is on the rise and any investment will thrive with a free or next to free power source. Start your solar farm or retro fit your current properties today.


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Project Management

From land development to building projects, your business needs the over sight of skilled and veteran members of the industry and community.