Business Development

Mike Berg Co. Specializes in a wide range of Business Develpment services. Allow us to bring your ideas and goals to life with a deep market insights, custom planning, development and implementation.

Our Business Development Services

Market Research & Needs Assessment

Know that your new business venture has a place in the market before you spend a dollar on in depth planning, property, advertising or even before you establish your business name. You’ll be happy with how Mike Berg Co. guides you from beginning to end.

Niche Markets

A common misconception about profitable businesses is that they need to appeal to everyone. In fact, often the exact opposite is true. There is no greater loyalty than die hard fans who know they can come to you for the exact product or service they need for that exact purpose, hobby, craft or lifestyle. Let us help you find your early adopters. 


Business Planning

Once we find the perfect market for your business venture the planning will almost take care of itself. After our in depth research,  you’ll be confident with direction you’re headed and flexible enough to evolve as the enterprise grows.  

Finding Funding

Capitol acquisition does not have to be a big mysterious aspect of starting your business. Mike Berg Co. knows hundreds of lenders from private institutions to government grants which will benefit you when the time is ripe to ask for funding. Your planning, research and market trends will be in the bag and funding will be the next most logical step. 

Looking for more?

Our heroic agents can help you.

Our Services

Mike Berg and Company Specializes in Market Evaluation, Listings and Development in Arkansas. This includes but is not limited to Commercial and Residential Properties, Land Development Opportunities, Project Planning and Management, Alternative Power and More. Browse our listings or contact us to discuss your next project.


Make an investment in services which almost guarantee success. They are easy to buy and maintain.

Find Funding

Find the funds you need to grow your business. Keep your great partners or fly solo. The choice is yours and always will be.


Buy, Sell or Rent? Mike Berg Co.’s Brokerage services are here to support your investment goals.

Alternative Energy

Solar Energy is on the rise and any investment will thrive with a free or next to free power source. Start your solar farm or retro fit your current properties today.


Grow your business from research to planning, buying, closing and implementation.

Project Management

From land development to building projects, your business needs the over sight of skilled and veteran members of the industry and community.