Alternative Energy

Solar Power technology becomes more robust every year and Mike Berg Co. is at the forefront of the movement. Get consultation on how to implement alternative energy in your building, on your land, or new development.

Our Alternative Energy Services

Collect and Analyze Power Usage Data

Mike Berg Co. and our partners at Seal Solar provide an extensive analysis and proposal of your property’s solar viability. With a thorough site inspection, no stone is left unturned in projecting your usage, power needs and profitability of your investment.

Solar Seal Collaboration

Mike Berg Co. partners with Seal Solar to bring you the most up to date and energy maximizing system in the solar market. From solar farms to energy producing windows and doors, let Mike Berg Co. bring solar power to your investment. 

Site Planning, Development and Implementation

Solar Farms require just the right conditions to maximize the return on your investment. Mike Berg Co. thrives on site planning and development that makes implementation and business growth a breeze. If an on-site solar array is not possible or too costly due to conditions, we will seek out vacant land for purchase. Solar is in your reach.

Installation and Construction Management

Make sure the right company is managing the install and construction of your solar needs. Those who opt for a general contractor over a solar specialist always regret it as this niche power source has its own best practices that many have not been trained to manage.

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Mike Berg and Company Specializes in Market Evaluation, Listings and Development in Arkansas. This includes but is not limited to Commercial and Residential Properties, Land Development Opportunities, Project Planning and Management, Alternative Power and More. Browse our listings or contact us to discuss your next project.


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Alternative Energy

Solar Energy is on the rise and any investment will thrive with a free or next to free power source. Start your solar farm or retro fit your current properties today.


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From land development to building projects, your business needs the over sight of skilled and veteran members of the industry and community.